Postini SMTP outbound configuration

Cheat sheet on configuring outbound mail through Postini!!

When using Postini as incoming spam filtering for your Exchange servers, its a best practice to also configure them for Outbound mail forwarding as well. Here is a brief guide explaining the process.

Step 1: Find out which series of servers you are using. You can do this by logging into your Postini administrative console. The host name is the server series you are using. (Example: ac-s7 would be in System 7)

Step 2:
With the above information we setup Reinjection
Step 3:
Register the Mail servers IP address in the Postini Console
Login to the admin console, select your email config and go to the Outbound Servers tab.
Click Add Record
Under Accepted IP Ranges enter the external IP address of the server
Under Reinjection Host enter the external IP address of the server
Click the save button
Step 4:
Configure Private Outbound DNS
You find the IP address for entry in the chart below
Once the configuration is done, restart the SMTP services and test outbound mail!!
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