Zytel Testimonials

At Zytel we pride ourselves on our commitment to reliable and exceptional IT support. But don't take our word for it, below are testimonials from a handfull of Zytel customers.

“Since 2008, our organization has been constantly impressed with Zytel Networks timely responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the job gets done. We have had many critical projects that Zytel has saw through fully to completion.  Andrew is truly an exceptional individual and can single handedly cut IT infrastructure costs by at least 33%.  We recommend them with full confidence.”
Dr. Pedram Mizani
Healthcare and Education
"I have utilized Zytel’s IT expertise for over 8 years. At my present location upon opening this Center my company entered an agreement with a national firm to provide IT services. This firm claimed they understood the healthcare industry and specifically ambulatory surgery centers. This proved to be a hollow statement. I therefore returned to Zytel because they do understand the healthcare industry and ambulatory surgery centers in particular. As an industry that communicates both internally and externally almost always using confidential information, having an IT service that understands the nature of this information as well as understands that clinicians must be confident that the IT services are available when needed is foremost."
Michael Spitz
"When our computer network went down we called our normal computer guy. He got everything working but had to keep coming back almost everyday for a week. After being referred we called Zytel. One visit and everything was working perfectly! I would highly recommend them."
James O'Donnell
Financial Intstitution
"Zytel is very knowledgeable and competent in the IT arena.  Whenever we ask them for something they always delivers 110%.  They understands the importance of the IT system to our business and responds quickly when asked.  I can recommend Zytel without any hesitation for any IT matter."
Frank Monteleone
"Finally we have a reliable and capable I.T. Administrator for our company’s network. Zytel has been working with our company for more than a year and we are very satisfied with their service. The most important concern for us was, BACK UP. They suggested solutions and implemented them. We are able to concentrate more on our business and not on our computers thanks to the quick responses to our needs both remotely and on site."
Jeff Whisnand
"When the security of our systems was in question, Zytel Networks stepped up. Within days our network was secured and a plan to bring our systems to best practices was presented. Awesome job!"
Kira Hike

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